PALAX D270 Active

A small unit with HIGH capacity.

The smallest member of the renewd Palax chain saw range makes processing of firewood effortless and fast at a competitive price.

Optional 2/4

Standard 2/0

Sawbar 13"

Max. diameter 270mm

Spl. force 4 ton

Weight 470/485/490kg

Cutting lenght 25-40cm

Available models: powered by a tractor (TR/OHD), powered by electricity 4kW (SM), powered by Honda motor 13hp (PM).

Optional equipment mobil platform for off-road use.

Even if the Palax D270 Active is small to the external dimensions, it is handy and effective when it comes to the processing of firewood. The protective net, which opens up completely, makes the maintenance easy, and the in-feed rollers for the logs make handling of the log lighter. Either a tractor, a combustion engine or an electric motor can be selected as the power source of the machine. The machine's 4-ton cylinder guarantees that the splitting force is more than sufficient for consumer use.  Cutting is affected by means of a 13" saw-bar and a chain-saw. A skilful saw operator is able to sharpen the chain by himself, and, thus, the work will not be suspended by any unnecessary standstills.

The D270 Active is not at all picky in terms of working environment or the location of the work site. As it is easy to transfer, it follows the workman to wherever he goes.  Platforms for transportation on and off the road are available as an option.

Because the Palax firewood processors are always delivered ready-assembled, they are quick and easy to put into operation. The in-feed conveyors and discharge conveyors of the machines are fitted with quick-releases. In addition, the discharge conveyor is equipped with a winch that enables the machine to be easily made ready for operation without the use of tools.

The advanced Palax firewood processors are fitted with a discharge conveyor with two chains with a completely open underside, which ensures the trouble-free processing of firewood. The conveyor can also be turned to the side, which maximises its capacity: you can allow the machine to continue its work by turning the discharge conveyor onto another trailer or a bag-packing stand, as the previous one fills up.


Firewood in small bags for storage.